Are you interested in neurosciences? Are you chatty, friendly and not afraid of challenges? Do you want to add something on your UCAS application?

If your answer is yes, then join us! British Brain Bee is a non-profit organisation that runs outreach neuroscience initiatives in the UK. Our goal is to promote neuroscience education at schools. We do this by running an annual competition called the English Brain Bee (

Your role

We are looking for Brain Bee School Ambassadors who are current students in grades 9 to 13. Your duties will be to:

  • Promote the Brain Bee competition in your school by distributing leaflets, talking with students, setting up a stall with more information about the Brain Bee twice a year
  • Fundraise for the initiative in your school
  • Run a Brain Bee club in your school where students could study together
  • Have fun…bzzz!


If you want to join us, email at or visit!

If you want to donate to the Brain Bee, please visit

Share the poster in your school!


brain bee school ambassadors

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