England coordinators


National Brain Bee Coordinators

2018 England Brain Bee Coordinator – Miss Martyna Petrulyte

2017 England Brain Bee Coordinator – Miss Martyna Petrulyte

2016 England Brain Bee Coordinator – Miss Katarina Zimmer

2015 England Brain Bee Coordinator – Miss Katarina Zimmer


The English Brain bee 2017 was organized by a group of young, enthusiastic, and geeky volunteers.

Martyna Petrulyte


I am a graduate BSc Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) student at the University of Aberdeen who is interested in science education. After finishing school I started creating my own blog http://www.biolympiads.com and I also tutor biology in my spare time. At school I participated in many biology olympiads and in university I am an active participant of various essay competitions, conference, and events. Moreover, I enjoy doing summer placements and I have visited labs in the UK, Israel, and Switzerland. Being fascinated by science and the human body, I am more than excited to volunteer in organizing the Brain Bee in England in 2017.

Megumi Sano


I am a year 13 student at Southbank International School and the 2016 English Brain Bee Champion. My Brain Bee experience was what further opened my eyes to the remarkable nature of our nervous system and I am incredibly excited to be part of the English Brain Bee Organising Committee this year. At the competition, I look forward to meeting bright, motivated students who are excited about the brain and hope to share my experience in the world championship last July. I am planning to study neuroscience at university from fall 2017. Currently, I am an avid advocate of neuroscience education through my director roles in the Synapse Project and the International Youth Neuroscience Association, both of which are youth-led organisations that aim to educate the next generation of neuroscientists. I also work as a voluntary researcher at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development at University of London on autism research and am a member of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language.

Melissa Spilioti


I am a graduate of the University of Aberdeen and I have obtained my degree in Neuroscience with Psychology and Biobusiness. Over these years my excitement and interest in neuroscience topics with all its glory has only grown (much!) fonder. Being part of the TechFest team in the summer of 2016 gave me a flavour of what it is like to experience the joy in educating students. Despite their age difference, I am very honoured to be able to be part of the organising team for this Brain Bee Competition, on top of being ecstatic in meeting passionate students. I am an regular  attendee at numerous neuroscience conferences and events, as well as I am an active member in scientific research societies and associations (for example, I am a representative of DANA foundation at the University of Aberdeen). I am hoping to further expand my education in fall 2017 with a neuroscience-related postgraduate degree.