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For all biology and science competitions

TED Studies: Neuroscience

Check out this curated list of videos and course material from TED Talks, all about the brain and neural mechanisms

3D Brain: from genes to cognition

Produced by Cold Spring Harbor, this interactive web learning platform allows users to explore the brain in 3D.

Brain Facts

Everyone’s favorite resource for a general and updated introduction to neuroscience.


The Synapse Project

Our mission is to encourage young women to enter the field of neuroscience through information and mentorship. This website is designed to aid students in learning about the brain and current neuroscience research. In addition, this project connects young women to distinguished leaders in the neuroscience community (our Advisory Board) who can provide advice, networking, and unique opportunities for internships and jobs. Feel free to comment on our website or email us to receive individual mentorship.



Knowing neurons

Knowing Neurons is an award winning website by young neuroscientists. We make neuroscience accessible to anyone interested in learning about the brain. Delve into the mind via stories, infographics, interviews, and more! Neuroscience is for everyone!