Meet the Team

Executive Team

Martyna Petrulyte

Board of Trustees

Martyna obtained a BSc Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) degree at the University of Aberdeen. She created a successful blog,, and has been teaching biology for around 5 years. Martyna has been a National Brain Bee Co-ordinator in England and Scotland since 2016.

Dorothy Tse

Board of Trustees

Dorothy is a postdoctoral associate at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interest is in a novel approach to systems memory consolidation. Dorothy joined the Brain Bee in 2017 where she was a judge of the 3rd England Brain Bee competition.

Didem Surensoy

Board of Trustees

Didem completed her BSc in Psychology and MSc Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Essex. She is particularly interested in individual differences within people and the fascinating variety that we all notice during our day-to-day lives. She recently joined the Brain Bee and is looking forward to teaching young people in schools.

Advisory Board

Emily Boradhurst

Sixth Form student

Emily currently goes to Saint Philip Howard High School where she studies Maths, Chemistry and Biology A-Levels. She was a national finalist of the England Brain Bee. This experience has sparked her interest in human physiology and neuroscience leading her to pursue a medical career.

Mehr Grewal

IB Student

Mehr is an international baccalaureate student in Bellevue, Washington. She is also the founder and director of Worth A Shot, a global nonprofit organization with chapters in countries around the world including Haiti, Kenya, Brazil, and Nigeria, that aims to bridge healthcare disparities and improve healthcare access worldwide. At the same time, she is the director of the Seattle Brain Bee, working with neurology experts with the University of Washington to inspire youth to learn more about neuroscience and its relevance to our society.

Alexander Skvortsov

Student at Radnor High School

Alex was an assistant coordinator of the International Brain Bee 2017 and currently is a CEO at International Youth Neuroscience Association.

Andra Stefan

UCL Student

Andra is doing her BSc degree at the UCL. She has participated in the Romanian Brain Bee and also attended the International Brain Bee in 2015.

Jessica Ng

UCL Student

Jessica is a second year student at the UCL. She has represented Macau in the International Brain Bee competition in 2014.

Megumi Sano

Stanford University Student

Megumi is the England Brain Bee 2016 Champion and she represented the UK in the Inernational Brain Bee in Denmark. She also organised the Engalnd Brain Bee 2017 competition. Currently, Megumi is studying at Stanford University.

Shannon Connelly

Student at University of Surrey

Shannon is a third year students at the University of Surrey. She has helped plan the France Brain Bee and also coordinated the International Brain Bee in 2016 in Denmark.


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