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Testimonials from IBB 2016


“It changed the way I view the world and myself.”

Jiantao Shen


“My Brain Bee experience was one of the defining experiences of my high school career. It helped my self-confidence to grow enormously. It was a fantastic academic challenge and sparked an interest in neuroscience, allowed me to meet people with whom I still maintain valuable connections”.

Rachael Wiltshire

New Zealand

“Before the Brain Bee, I wanted to be a biology teacher, now I’m going into medicine. Thank you.”

Ammar bin Ahmad Mokhtar


“It changed my point of view towards life, gave me a completely different perspective. I feel that I became a wide minded person.”

S. Amontova


“It opened me up to the world of neuroscience and careers in scientific research, we don’t get that in high school.”

Hannah Kelly

New Zealand

“It was an awesome experience which made me understand both the beauty and the importance of Neuroscience.”



 “It made me realize that there are still so many opportunities for research in the field of medicine. Whether it’s finding out the best course of treatment or even a cure for diseases like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s, there is still so much to learn and discover which I could one day contribute towards.”

Koki Mutungi


“I am now proud to be a PhD student focusing on axonal regeneration.” QM., Australia

Q. M.


“It was with no doubt the best experience I’ve done so far in my whole life. Absolutely!”

Giulio Deangeli


“I honestly view my participation as a dividing line in my life- there is before Brain Bee and there is after Brain Bee.”

R. W.

New Zealand


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